Today we planted 307 tulip bulbs it was

Today we planted 307 tulip bulbs ??? it was a beautiful autumn day here in Belgium ??????


  1. Patrick Barnett says:

    Lesly Round How many popped up? I planted about 100 last year here in Ohio, only about two inches down because of our horrible clay soil, and the. had a very cold Alberta-type winter. I was expecting very few, but I got about 70!

  2. Be Beautiful in the Spring

  3. Marie Lennon Russell says:

    I am in NH, USA and weve had our first frost but our days are in the 50s still. Can I still plant my tulip bulbs that I bought in Holland this summer?

  4. Nele De Wever says:

    Marie Lennon Russell Im no expert, but I think you can ? just make sure the soil isnt frozen ?

  5. Ru Laycock Kronenberg says:

    Marie Lennon Russell I think if you can still work the soil, then its fine.

  6. Christine Belringer says:

    Marie Lennon Russell yes, here in the UK we plant tulips in November which is at a similar temperature to yours.

  7. Marie Lennon Russell says:

    Nele De Wever would you believe I found the bulbs when I was putting away my halloween decorations today. I bought the black ones as we cant get those here, as far as I know!!

  8. Patrick Barnett says:

    Marie Lennon Russell Here in Ohio, I planted in December and then experienced a horrible winter. I got about 70% of them, with which I was happy.

  9. Rachel Vickers says:

    i would prefer them more random, are you doing some sort of test

  10. Carmelita Payao Nang-Labor says:

    How I really love to grow tulips, but it doesnt grow here in the Philippines

  11. Marion Puttinger says:

    Wow…. ?????

  12. Great job Im sure you will enjoy them very much in the spring.

  13. Linda Ryan says:

    Please show us what they look like in the spring I think it’s going to be pretty spectacular

  14. Nele De Wever says:

    Linda Ryan thank you, I will ?

  15. Lucy Wright says:

    need to be loads deeper x two and a half times size off bulb

  16. Nele De Wever says:

    Lucy Wright ?? we put them on the soil to position them and then we planted them nice and deep ?

  17. Linda Drewery says:

    Nele De Wever i to do this to position all my bulbs ,will be a beautiful show

  18. Cynthia Slade says:

    This reminds me of my Moms tulip beds…….she had two that were heart-shaped on our side lawn. She worked hard on those beds and they were gorgeous. However, our neighbor had a palomino horse who would jump his fence and gallop into them and just stand there!

  19. Lesley Meehan says:

    Wow it will be a bèautiful site .in the spring . Dont forget to show us x

  20. Nele De Wever says:

    Lesley Meehan thank you and of course Ill keep you posted in April/ May ?

  21. Linda Kenny says:

    Wow! Please send a photo in the spring.✔

  22. Nele De Wever says:

    Linda Kenny Thank you, I definitely will ?

  23. Rebecca Parme says:

    Spring will be amazing!

  24. Kerrin O'Reilly says:

    Wow lot of work. Will look fantastic when out. Let us know.

  25. Debbie Gilroy says:

    Can’t wait to see spring pictures of your work!

  26. Fern Dering says:

    Wow come help me plant my bulbs

  27. Maureen Green says:

    It’s going to look wonderful

  28. Tina Wilson says:

    will look stunning in the spring

  29. Oma Johnson says:

    Impressive, cant wait to see pics in he spring!

  30. Siobhan Stafford says:

    Wow your going to have some show naxt spring

  31. June Mccallumore says:

    It will be beautiful! I planted over 100 in Michigan, cant wait until spring!!

  32. Adele Dennis says:

    Back breaking work but worth it come spring

  33. Julie Swain-smith says:

    What in the UK? I wish! I cant get out there its too water logged and Ive got loads to do

  34. Lori Barilli Corbo says:

    Cant wait to see them this spring!!

  35. Edythe Lee says:

    Thats an awful lot of tulips
    Please send pictures of them in the spring

  36. Brigitte Watson says:

    Would love to see a photo when they are all blooming.

  37. Joyce Combs says:

    How much soil do you put over yours?

  38. Beverley Forsyth says:

    Does anything dig them up? Squirrels do that a lot in eastern US.

  39. Spencer Terresa Smith says:


  40. Pauline Searcy says:

    That will be just gorgeous??

  41. Noela Sexton says:

    The wait will be well worth the effort. A golden sea of blooms.

  42. Kim Scott says:

    I got almost 300 to do on my new raised beds boys almost finished! Ive got half the bulbs in with the plants in on top got rest to do this week ! Cant wait to see it in spring ( with annuals to) !

  43. Sydney Pepi says:

    I only have 8 tulip bulbs

  44. Kathy Kottmeier says:

    I so love tulips

  45. Mila Aljo Baylon says:

    Wow!great hobby!

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