Tom Ford challenge question Oud wood Intense vs Oud Minerale

Tom Ford challenge question
Oud wood Intense vs Oud Minerale…


  1. Abdulrahman Jaafeer says:

    Oud minerale.

  2. Abdulrahman Jaafeer i was thinking the same thing

  3. Maximos Akrivos says:

    Depends on the season. For spring I’d choose Oud Minerale. For winter Oud Wood Intense

  4. Wearing oud wood now…its long lasting. But the oud is a bit over powering to me. Tried it as a sample. Trying minerale tomorrow

  5. Kenny De Wit says:

    oud minerale for sure. Too much oud aint good.

  6. Mikhail Shirokov says:

    Oud Wood intense is very different from the regular Oud Wood and too challenging for most people

  7. Shang Chai Chua says:

    Good point but I like both Oud Wood and Oud Wood intense, more so than Our Minerale

  8. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    Oud wood for me

  9. James Frantowski says:

    Oud Minerale. Oud Wood Intense grossed me out a bit.

  10. Saurabh Sinha says:

    I am splitting both! ?

  11. Sash Pecinov says:

    They both offend the uninitiated for the first 30 minutes then get very nice

  12. Devin Breaux says:

    Oud Minerale for me.

  13. Arif Lalji says:

    Oud Minerale hands down

  14. Mike Gillespie says:

    Get both! Both are bottle worthy

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