trying to decide between X batch or intense?

trying to decide between X batch or intense? Thoughts?


  1. Michael Andrews says:

    I got pvi couple weeks ago…alot of compliments when I wear it…

  2. Jhony Sánchez Sarmiento says:

    How many sprays do you go with?

  3. Michael Andrews says:

    Man I go one on each wrist front of neck and back of 4 in all …sometimes I can’t smell it but then someone will say you smell so good…lol.. unsolicited are the best ones

  4. Byron Abadie says:

    Same here. I can smell it for about 15 minutes but hours later I’ll get a compliment. PVI is awesome.

  5. Anthony Durelle Ware says:

    I heard they are both fire. Can’t wait to get them both…

  6. David Robinson says:

    Intense. I have both. If you get intense, you can essentially make xbatch by spraying a little sauvage on with it.

  7. Jason Yeomans says:

    I have pineapple vintage intense,, it’s good man…

  8. Alex Botwinick says:

    Aren’t decants of Aventus similar in price to pineapple intense?

  9. Jamie Robinson says:

    Very different fragrances but both compliment bombs. X Batch is a Pineapple opening to mid and gradually morphs into Sauvage but without the obnoxious metallic note in Sauvage. PV Intense is the most natural Pineapple note and performs. To me it’s the best in the line. Good thing with Parfums Vintage versus Aventus is that there formulations are consistent and you haven’t got to worry about checking Aventus batch feedback or wondering what batch is actually being split.

  10. Andre Elliott says:

    Thanks for the info!

  11. Paul Hart says:

    Intense or Noir. X Batch is essentially Sauvage

  12. Jason Yeomans says:

    From what I get out of intense is Aventus on the fruitier side with a dash of vanilla,, I have never gotten the vanilla with Aventus…

  13. Paul Hart says:

    I like noir. Just wish it would last longer b

  14. Blake Skousen says:

    You should try Aventus batch 17t01 heavy apple and vanilla Jason Yeomans

  15. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Do you have Dior Sauvage? If not, get X batch. If you do get pineapple vintage intense.

  16. Mista Calhoun says:

    I love X batch

  17. Ray Cotton says:

    I prefer Intense personally

  18. Mark Roshala says:

    Andre Elliott I have a partial PVI for sale. 35/100ml w/box. $43 shipped. PM if interested.

  19. W Douglas Banks says:

    Still have this?

  20. Mark Roshala says:

    W Douglas Banks Sold.

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