Tuesday – Happy Tuesday! Are you struggling with something this week?

Obstacle Tuesday –
Happy Tuesday! Are you struggling with something this week? There may be people in this group that can help you out! In this thread, let’s WORK TOGETHER to share our best advice, strategies, and motivation to help each other get past any roadblocks holding us back.
Where are you struggling? Any feedback or advice you need from the group or myself? Speak up—we’re here to help! (and if you leave a question, please feel free to check back in and see if you can help someone else out! And who knows? You might just make a new Etsy BFF 😉
Xoxo, Morgan


  1. Rachael Simmons says:

    I’m struggling with filling in my item descriptions. I feel like my mind was made for social media lol. Most of my copy is 3 lines or so. Anyone able to share tips or links to help me create content? I know that descriptions with more words/characters sell best, but I’m stumped! Thank you!

  2. Gabriel Lorien says:

    I’m working through the Second Module and trying to figure out how to rework my Pinterest Business account to reflect the guidelines laid out in the module. I’ve managed to clean some things up but I’ve had a Business account for awhile now and I’m try…

  3. Aimee Wright says:

    I use pic monkey for the photos. It’s really easy to use and there are several good tutorials on Pinterest for that.

  4. Aimee Wright says:

    I’m struggling with figuring out how to best maximize my promoted listings… what should my daily budget be, what should my bids on items be set at, etc.

    Any insight on how to make sure I’m making this work for me?

  5. Dina Farris Appel says:

    For me right now its not so much a struggle as a “head scratcher”…I sell mostly original, one-of-a-kind paintings. Ive searched (as a customer would) the word “original” and what shows up is a boatload of prints. How do a tag something to show its not a print? how come Etsy shows people prints when they ask for originals? Is there another term?

  6. Lindsey Hall says:

    Good question! Maybe something like one of a kind?

  7. Dina Farris Appel says:

    Lindsey Hall interesting…. I put in “one of a kind elephant painting” and did get more original paintings, but about halfway down the page, it started into prints. I also saw someone selling (astonishingly) original watercolors for less than $20….??‍♀️?

  8. Lindsey Hall says:

    I have prints of my paintings in my shop..so far Ive got about 38 listings. Watetcolor, oil and acrylic paintings. Some flowers landscapes, animals and theyre all a little different..is it better to focus in on one type of art to sell or is it ok to have variety?

  9. Aimee Wright says:

    I like variety!

  10. Dina Farris Appel says:

    I do think it helps to focus a bit….the shops I see that are the most successful selling art sell mostly one subject in one medium. You could also choose one medium and do assorted subjects, or go the other way and choose one subject, but do it in several media.

  11. Lindsey Hall says:

    Dina Farris Appel I hear ya, that makes sense its just so boring! Lol I like to do so many things!

  12. Dina Farris Appel says:

    Lindsey Hall I totally know how you feel!

  13. Jody Olson says:

    Accountability…I need someone to help keep me on track. My husband is an enabler lol

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