understand the rules of what you can sell on Etsy?

Sorry if this is a silly question, but can anyone help me understand the rules of what you can sell on Etsy? From what I’ve read you can either sell items you have personally created, products that one would use to make something (i.e. beads) or vintage items. However, I’ve seen items such as themed party plates, straws, etc that multiple Etsy shops are selling and are exactly the same product. And the example I came across was a very unique product, not your standard round paper plate. Additionally I saw this product sold on other non-Etsy websites. Just want to understand the do’s and don’ts so I don’t violate any policies. Thanks!


  1. Lee Ann Richards says:

    Lots of people breaking the rules on Etsy “Selling off the rack.” Items are to be handmade, Vintage or supply. Was the product you saw maked “handmade?”

  2. Kelsey Cowles says:

    Just because a shop(s) is selling something does not mean it is allowed, it just means they havent been caught. Reselling and selling of non-handmade goods are definitely a problem on Etsy.

  3. Gabriel Lorien says:

    Vintage, supplies for crafts, or handmade only – but tons of people break the rules. It is frustrating to those of us who actually respect our work and the rules.

  4. Maria Festing says:

    Lots of people ignore the rules and sell as much as they can before being shut down

  5. Karen Crookshank says:

    I wonder about this too. I have seen shops selling notebooks, pens, pencils etc. Not hand decorated but bog standard stuff that you could see in WH Smith.

  6. Naila McLean says:

    Follow-up question: is it still in violation if you sell something that is part handmade and part not? For instance, if someone sells their own handmade cupcake toppers but also include dessert plates that they sourced and are selling part of the bundle?

  7. Michelle Griffith says:

    You are also allowed to sell items that you personally designed (aka graphic design), but have production assistance on. So like for instance I design clothing, gifts, and accessories specifically for people with chronic illnesses; but I get production assistance printing them on shirts, totes, mugs, etc. This is completely allowed by Etsy, as long as I disclose my production partner and make it very clear to buyers that I don’t personally print my designs on my products. And, every graphic must be legally mine.

  8. Christine Bezanson says:

    To further add onto this question, are non handmade items allowed on pattern? I’m curious what the appeal of pattern is…

  9. Michele Byrum says:

    If it’s a supply within their items allowed for supply it can be designed and made by the person, or production partner or employees or resell. It has to be listed as a supply of its resell.

    In order to be listed with handmade for the listing you hav…

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