Unpopular opinion Rasasi produces niche quality fragrances Not up

Unpopular opinion: Rasasi produces niche quality fragrances. Not up for debate.


  1. Jamarr White says:


  2. Brandon Yambura says:

    Pretty sure I’ve only owned La Yuqawam, which I can’t stand but I hate Tuscan Leather too, and Hawas which is a great contender for Invictus Aqua ’16 but certainly not niche quality. Any suggestions?

  3. Kevin Campbell says:

    Another unpopular opinion… Shaghaf is better than Hawas ?

  4. Sebastian Santa says:

    I gotta try other stuff but I had to swap my Hawas, smelled too generic and boring to my nose. Definitely not niche quality imo but its not a bad frag by any means

  5. Deana Joss says:

    Ok but can we debate over whether “Niche Quality” is actually even a thing??? (it’s not)

  6. Jacques Wilson says:

    FYI Hawas is NOT the only fragrance from Rasasi ? but it is preforms better than MB Legend Spirit & IA on my skin & it smells better than both of them imho. Entebaa is stupid good though!?

  7. Not really an unpopular opinion actually

  8. Nelson Briggs says:

    No I don’t think so?

  9. Myles Silton says:

    Hawas. Daarej. Shuhrah. I own all of them and the quality is superb. I think that people mix them up with other middle eastern fragrance houses like Armaf and El Haramain. Rasasi is nothing like them and truly superb.

  10. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Try faqat lil rijal if you like a soft Oud leather saffron combo. Reminds me of city boy but better

  11. Darren Palmer says:

    Depends on the line. Some are clones, but Boruzz is high end

  12. Jamarr White says:


  13. Cyndi Hunter says:

    I agree! And for not a lot of

  14. Michael Jerro says:

    Isn’t it a niche house? I thought it was a niche house. Am I wrong?

  15. John Matthew says:

    McRae Hawas is one of the most amazing smells on earth, but the performance on me was less than an hour.

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