Unpopular opinion Aventus is a cologne for men, that is

Unpopular opinion
Aventus is a cologne for men, that is for men.


  1. Joseph Currie says:

    I simply disagree

  2. Daniel Wurz says:

    Nothing like a little homophobia to start your day.

  3. I am pretty sure it means “It’s a male fragrance that only men can wear”

  4. Ken Durocher says:

    Point is that ever since I started wearing Aventus, I have only received unsolicited compliments from men.

  5. Ashley Dawn says:

    That’s because you have no women in your life

  6. James Epler says:

    That is true about not having a woman in my life but to not make this awkward…there is a very good reason?

  7. Daniel Begay says:

    So then why are you blaming aventus? Lmao i am not making it awkward or being a dick but this post is pointless.

  8. Daniel Faulkner says:

    this opinion is unpopular for sure.

  9. Pepe Villalobos Duque says:

    How is this homophobic?

    He’s not saying it’s a bad thing to attract men. Even if he did, who cares? He wants to attract women, but he’s not, so he’s upset. I’m sure gays wouldn’t rather attract men over women. At that point it’d be straightest

  10. Girisha Alexander Wyatt says:

    Ever since Daniel and I had “sausages” together in DTLA he thinks everything is homophobic

  11. Christophe Gallant says:

    I don’t get it but I love a cup of Aventus in the morning

  12. Blake Caudle says:

    Technically not a cologne

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