UPDATED Here are the step-by-step photos Time to make some

UPDATED: Here are the step-by-step photos
Time to make some squash blossom fritters. Todays morning harvest.


  1. Sujit Katyal says:

    Oops. You removed the blooms or they fell off.

  2. Neetu Singh says:

    Removed to eat. We got plenty of male blossoms so removing some does not affect the fruit production.

  3. Sujit Katyal says:

    Aah. Never realised that. Is it easy to identify male blossoms !! How does one do it ??

  4. Neetu Singh says:

    Females have fruits attached to the bottom. Males
    do not.

  5. Chasity Forsyth Callahan says:

    Can you share the recipe please? Ive wanted to try these but havent yet.

  6. Renee' Nash says:

    Yes. I would love the recipe also. Thanks!

  7. Neetu Singh says:

    Heres a quick recipe. Make a purée consistency batter with some all purpose flour, salt, pepper, egg (optional). You can be adventurous and add other spices to your liking. Wash and dry blossoms gently, dip in batter, making sure the whole blossom has…

  8. Corinna Wildenauer says:

    do you remove the stamen with the pollen?

  9. Neetu Singh says:

    I do. Just a matter of personal preference.

  10. Shelley Kiriazis says:

    Love these! Also can be stuffed with rice and seasoning also with meat added

  11. Jessica Foote says:

    Id love to see more pictures of the finished product later!

  12. Jessica Foote says:

    Yum. Thank you. I have plenty outside, I may try this later!

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