(US and Canada). Should I ask the seller for a refund?

Finally delivered after weeks in postal hell (I’m assuming it was hell). One of my most expensive purchases to date. ?
Has never happened to me and I’ve bought an insane amount of fragrances form different people over the years (US and Canada).
Should I ask the seller for a refund?


  1. Joshua Rath says:

    Hopefully he opted for the more expensive insurance

  2. Jr Pierre says:

    DeMoreo Reddick Daniel Cody Butler can you even put insurance on it when you’re not supposed to ship that in the first place.. arent they going to ask for proof etc

  3. Kyle Hull says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking….

  4. Daniel Cody Butler says:

    It is an empty glass bottle or figurine. It’s pretty easy to do.

  5. Daniel Cody Butler says:

    You can also ship it ground the way its suppose to and insure it for what it is. Decants or cheap frags i wouldn’t worry about. Insurance has saved my ass in the past on expensive frags.

  6. DeMoreo Reddick says:

    You can ship fragrances. You just can’t ship them priority because they’re not allowed to be on the mail plane.

  7. P.J. Taillon says:

    DeMoreo Reddick unless you have an IATA number

  8. Vinit Singh says:

    It’s common with Royal Crown perfumes.. the caps are too heavy for the glass bottles allegedly

  9. Zakaria Mulla says:

    A lot of you saying not the sellers fault, fine. My question is, if purchased from a retail company, we’d all seek a replacement or refund. So what’s the difference?

  10. Blake Caudle says:

    The difference retail companies should have insurance and margins built into their prices for inventory shrinkage, including breakage that occurs during shipping. USUALLY a private seller is just a person offering a discounted item they no longer need…

  11. Bethany Torisky Szumigale says:

    The difference is that we’re not a retail company. If a purchaser desires the safety net that comes along buying from a major conglomerate, then they should do that.

  12. Connor Rebuck says:

    BIG difference

  13. Daniel Cody Butler says:

    Shipping insurance should be discussed when your discussing the price. Especially when it’s a expensive frag like Royal Crown. You cant expect a seller, who more than likely is taking a loss or breaking even on a frag he purchased to cover hundreds of dollars.

  14. Zakaria Mulla says:

    Not so BIG that the biggest marketplace platforms (ebay and Amazon) would hold said private seller fully accountable.

  15. Daniel Cody Butler says:

    Private seller on Amazon and ebay, are selling for profit and the smart ones have loss figured into there overhead. That’s one of the reasons why a frag is more expensive than buying from a private seller. The smart ones also ship with insurance.

  16. Blake Caudle says:

    The biggest market places offer the seller shipping insurance that is automatically added to the cost of the item.

  17. Blake Caudle i agree… if you buy it at retail price then you get retail rights… but if you buy it at a discounted 2nd seller rate, then I think the seller isn’t accoutable.

  18. Susan Smith says:

    If I sell an expensive bottle I always insist it’s insured

  19. John Romas says:

    It was insured for $200. Who gets that? Or who goes about processing it?

  20. Chris Young says:

    Would insurance work? I mean it’s fragrance, and we’re not really supposed to be shipping fragrance through USPS. Just curious.

  21. James Holder says:

    you can ship and insure fragragnce through USPS, it just has to ship ground delivery. When I ship I do everything by the book, including the insurance so that I can collect from USPS if this happens.

  22. Chris Young says:

    James Holder ok, thanks. I remember hearing that now. USPS ground.

  23. James Holder says:

    Chris Young yeah, and to be all “legal” where you can insure it and what not, it has to stay CONUS

  24. Chris Young says:

    James Holder, sounds good. I don’t usually sell the fragrances I acquire. I ship tons of pomade though. That’s inert, and has no restrictions though. Which is why I didn’t know.

  25. James Holder says:

    Chris Young If i understand it, oil based frags (attars for instnace) also aren’t under the same restriction. its the perfumers alcohol

  26. Chris Young says:

    James Holder yeah, that I know. Thanks for responding bro! I appreciate the info.

  27. John Romas says:

    I would’ve been good with ground hahaha

  28. Jordan Beard says:

    I suppose if the package was lost that you could get insurance reimbursement. If there’s no package, they can’t determine what was shipped. I still add insurance to priority packages for this reason since it’s only $2-3 usually

  29. John Romas says:

    Ground would’ve still taken a beating though.

  30. Bethany Torisky Szumigale says:

    It’s my opinion that if this isn’t a matter of careless packaging, it’s not the seller’s responsibility to refund you. If they transferred custody of a well packaged fragrance to the courier of their/your choice (USPS, FEDEX, UPS), it is no longer fair to ask them to bear the burden or risk.

  31. Connor Rebuck says:

    Everything we do in these groups has risks. You gotta assume them

  32. Bethany Torisky Szumigale says:

    Someday people will realize that buying perfume on Facebook is exactly the same as buying a used microwave at a garage sale ????

  33. Bethany Torisky Szumigale says:

    Ohhh, if only people could get rid of me that easily!!!!

  34. Taylor Reiman says:

    Man that’s some shit! Sorry for your loss.

  35. Tim Odishoo says:

    any other page until it’s in your hands it’s the seller responsibility and he or she would be tagged with a buyer beware or NGTG until
    its resolved

    Funny on here people take a different approach.

  36. Rambo Leano says:

    Wouldnt be fair to ask a refund from the seller.its like the seller is taking all the risk for the way the shipping company handles the package..lose lose situation.

  37. DeMoreo Reddick says:

    That’s why people have insurance. Just talk to the people and see what can be done.

  38. John Romas says:

    Y’all are funny/on crack. I’ve been a seller plenty of times and would be horrified if this happened to me. The ones saying the selller has no responsibilities need to have their heads examined.

  39. DeMoreo Reddick says:

    I’ve been a seller too and I agree.

  40. DeMoreo Reddick says:

    I insure my packages even if the buyer didn’t pay for it and then get it signed for.

  41. P.J. Taillon says:

    John Romas if you ship expensive stuff not agreeing to spent an extra 10-15 bucks say 5% to cover these real possibilities. Was the package mangled when you signed for it? You said it’s one picture loser a minute ago….where are the rest of them? Why…

  42. John Romas says:

    Why the heck would I lie about getting a busted up fragrance?! And destroy one of the most beautiful bottles out there to obtain juice to put in a decent? I’m buying a $400 bottle. I’m not a little boy playing little boy games.

    The bottle probably mo…

  43. John Romas says:

    I had to pry the presentation box open because it was sealed in some parts due to the leakage. The foam-like vinyl material it came in smells amazing.

  44. John Romas says:

    Yip basically the same picture. That bottle looks so clean.

  45. John Romas says:

    I asked for a refund of half. The seller agreed. Should’ve I got more? Not sure. Just don’t give a fuck any more. It is what it is.

    That cap is heavy though.

  46. Daniel Cody Butler says:

    Nah, that’s fair as fuck man. More than what I’d expect. Next time spring for the insurance.

  47. Robert Jacome says:

    You should have asked that the cap be packaged separately from the bottle easy fix

  48. John Romas says:

    How many Royal Crowns have you ordered? lmao

  49. Robert Jacome says:

    If you are asking me 5 so far ? all came in perfect condition unlike yours nice try though ?

  50. Jr Pierre says:

    Robert Jacome cavour available? ? lol

  51. DeMoreo Reddick says:

    No need for shade throwing. Let’s keep it civil. Lol.

  52. DeMoreo Reddick well you gotta be prepared for any response when you ask a question. ?

  53. Elizabeth Rammos says:

    Robert Jacome I want the cheapie, send me two bottles ???

  54. Robert Jacome says:

    Fuck that Elizabeth I need more ??

  55. Elizabeth Rammos says:

    Robert how much will you sell me Oud Al Melka for? ????

  56. John Romas says:

    Robert can be a petty pompous little bitch all he wants. I don’t know of many people that ask sellers to open up the presentation before receiving it.

  57. Robert Jacome says:

    The only bitch I see is you John , you tried to be a sarcastic cunt with your response and are now hurt by my answer

  58. P.J. Taillon says:

    P.J. Taillon BUT if it was shipped in factory packaging….I don’t know, packing is tested by the manufacturer….was the box destroyed? What did it look like when you signed for it?

  59. P.J. Taillon says:

    Robert Jacome nice!!

  60. John Romas says:

    Nope. Just calling you pompous Robert Jacome.

  61. Robert Jacome says:

    Nah bitch stop trying to deflect and play the role of a victim you fucked up by trying to ridicule me shithead

  62. John Romas says:

    No one asked for proof. That’s why I’m calling you pompous. You got your chance to showcase your fragrances like someone was disputing it. That’s lame bro.

  63. John Romas says:

    This post isn’t about your collection.

  64. Robert Jacome says:

    You look super stupid assuming, but hey keep on going ????

  65. John Romas says:

    Nope. Stupid is not knowing how to read. Nothing in my post was sarcastic as you read it to be.

    The cap is actually heavy. And I really don’t give a fuck because I received half back and am moving on. …

  66. Robert Jacome says:

    Awesome you fucken cry baby ????? go to your safe space and be a victim

  67. John Romas says:

    Doubt you’re laughing. Probably want to prove how right you can be. Over and over again. No one really likes that person Robert. Just saying.

  68. John Romas says:

    Do you though boo.

  69. Robert Jacome says:

    Check your PM John and FYI I’ve never and will never post a collection video ask around if I have to me it’s not necessary you asked so I responded that was all

  70. John Romas says:

    Won’t lie. Scared to check my PM and probably won’t. Thanks though?

  71. Robert Jacome says:

    No problem bud hopefully this helps out

  72. John Romas says:

    Doesn’t. The bottle is gone. But the gesture is nice.

  73. John Romas says:

    And yes I get it. Moving forward. Think I’m going to wait on purchasing another bottle though.

  74. Robert Jacome says:

    Depends, if the seller did not package the bottle correctly then that’s his bad, but if it was packaged correctly and insured then that’s not the sellers fault if it came broken essentially in an international transaction best thing to do is insure the package

  75. Aman Ahuja says:

    I had a case where buyer told me that he didn’t receive the item even though tracking showed delivered and refused me to pay. I had to do full refund

  76. Now thats bs. If you delivered it to the address that he provided, you have fulfilled your portion of the contract. No way on earth i would refund that.

  77. Aman Ahuja says:

    Mun Achi – He said that someone else might stolen it on the way but he hasn’t received it and he is not going to pay for what he hasn’t received. I thought that his claim is genuine. I told him that I can refund it for time being and check with USPS and then we can decide mutually. But he blocked me after I refunded him

  78. Aman Ahuja That’s unfortunate, but it sounds like a pure scam to me. Ship priority to an address provided to you, once USPS has delivered it, then your job is done. Don’t fall for that scam again brother. If he chooses to have a product delivered to a location where it could be stolen, that is 100% on him.

  79. Jordan Beard says:

    Oh yeah, you got scammed. I would never refund if it said ‘delivered’ to provided address. It’s up to the buyer to make sure package is secured after delivery. This is why I send expensive items to a PO box instead of my house

  80. Aman Ahuja says:

    Jordan Beard – now I feel that I got scammed but the guy has decent reputation in the groups. Initially I thought that he was being genuine, i refunded him and I went to USPS twice to check with them. Later I asked him to pay atleast half as it wasn’t my mistake if someone stole and tracking showed delivered. He blocked me. I raised it with admin and they said that it is between me and him

  81. Aman Ahuja He will continue to have a “decent reputation” scam people if you don’t expose things like this when they occur. I’m sorry that happened to you.

  82. DeMoreo Reddick says:

    I make them sign for it when I send an expensive item. It’s usually like two dollars extra.

  83. Max Grayson says:

    I have had items that show as “delivered” using the tracking number on their website, when they hadn’t been received by me yet, but these items always show up within the same delivery day as it saying delivered. That’s a shitty thing to do if he actually received it and claimed he didn’t

  84. Will Chung says:

    Aman Ahuja that’s bullshit bro

  85. Nate Manning says:

    Fuck that I woulda told him to get bent

  86. Aman Ahuja says:

    Will Chung , Nate Manning – Totally agree with you guys. I was knew to the group and I assumed that everyone is genuine. He told me that he hasn’t received it even though tracking said delivered. He said that sometimes his neighbors pick up the package…

  87. Jordan Beard says:

    Aman Ahuja I feel like we should know who this “trusted” member is

  88. Aman Ahuja says:

    I raised it with admin and to their credit they listened to it and asked us to mutually solve it but he refused to pay

  89. Aman Ahuja says:

    Jordan Beard – I am happy to give names and I know people had legit transactions with him, so just want to make clear that I am not stating that he is fraud and scam. I am factually sharing my experience that even buyers can bully sellers. I also want to make sure that I am not breaking any rule of the community by giving name

  90. Robert Heath Herndon says:

    Buyer confidence is worth a lot more than a bottle of perfume. And that isn’t the item he ordered. He ordered a full bottle. So while I think it might not even be the seller’s fault, he/she is still held liable in any other legitimate platform.

  91. Steve Thaw says:

    Lots of posts here so I dont know if this has been answered, but if the seller insured the package (if sent USPS Priority, insurance is automatically included) you can file a claim with the postal service for mishandling the package. Generally, if a private seller packages the item properly and safely, they aren’t responsible for anything and the seller offering a half refund is very generous. Sellers can’t reasonably protect against gross mishandling of packages by the delivery service. When the package was delivered was there significant damage to the outside box?

  92. John Romas says:

    No outside damage.

  93. John Romas says:

    Bottle within was probably shaken about and the weight of the cap crushed the glass. Had the seller or myself known, he would’ve shipped it separately.

  94. Adam Athans says:

    I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but personally I think the responsibility does fall on the seller for 2 reasons
    1: the package should packed very good in a way where it is not going to be damaged & if it still get’s damaged, this leads me into reason 2..
    2: being an expensive fragrance, the seller should refuse to sell it without insurance, as it prevents this very situation the buyer now finds himself in…

  95. Or the buyer could also refuse to purchase it without insurance to avoid this situation that he is facing? There is a risk in every transaction. In a scenario like this it is not fair for one party to bear the burden alone

  96. Aman Ahuja says:

    I agree with Mun that buyer also want seller to provide it at cheap price and he also wants seller to pay for insurnace

  97. Aman Ahuja says:

    Buyer should be paying for insurance if he wants expensive fragrance

  98. Adam Athans says:

    Mun Achi Insurance should be added onto price before advertising it… Just like warranty is on a used car from a car yard..

  99. Adam Athans says:

    Aman Ahuja the seller is the one sending it.. So he should be adding insurance to the shipment price when shipping it …

  100. Aman Ahuja says:

    Adam Athans But the buyer wants to pay low price. They will always negotiate

  101. Adam Athans says:

    Aman Ahuja if the buyer wants to pay a “low price” he/she wouldn’t be buying such an expensive fragrance to start with.. I’m sure if you are going to pay that much for a fragrance, & little extra for insurance is not going to bother you…

  102. Robert Heath Herndon says:

    it’s easy enough, fill void spaces between the bottle and it’s box, wrap a 2″ thick layer of bubble over it. If packaged right nothing should break even when dropped.

  103. Adam Athans says:

    Robert Heath Herndon that’s right … Which is reason 1 in my comment … If you pack something really good, no matter how much the box gets thrown around, it’s very rare you will get a breakage ….

  104. Frank M Geib says:

    Unless it was shipped via ground (which I doubt) your insurance won’t do jack shit I been there done that fight only way to ensure a fragrance is shipping ground minute u ship it priority it’s no longer ensured but this issue with the royal crowns have been around for the longest time thats why buy it from the retailer no risk involved.

  105. John Romas says:

    I didn’t pay a bargain basement price here guys lol.

  106. John Romas says:

    But I get what y’all are saying

  107. John Romas says:

    Stupid thing had to be padded within its presentation box.

  108. John Romas says:

    Insurance was valued up to $200. Who gets that?

  109. Frank M Geib says:

    John Romas no one gets that. To win the insurance claim you need to provide documentation for the value of said product and pictures of damaged product. Then they investigate and they will tell u perfume can not be shipped via air and the case will be closed with no pay out this is why all these insurance comments are so ridiculous you can’t insure perfume via air only ground and no one ever ships ground with USPS.

  110. John Romas says:

    it wasn’t perfume ?. Glass gift Frankie

  111. Frank M Geib says:

    John Romas ?‍♂️ do u honestly think the Post office is that dumb. Please show me the receipt of the royal crown product showing it’s not perfume because now ur comments are showing your ignorance. Do u know how hard it is to actually win an insurance c…

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