Very happy with my garden so far this year

Very happy with my garden so far this year!???????


  1. Jeri Worden says:

    It truly is a beautiful looking garden!

  2. Nigel Fabien says:

    Beautiful…hope you get a great harvest!

  3. April Mathis says:

    Briena, do you find the squash plants are ok that close together? Mine have gotten so big, Im afraid I have to move some out.

  4. Briena Van Vranken says:

    The plants behind the squash are cucumbers and hopefully they will climb the fence. However, I have a ton of squash and zucchini on the plants now and also a second garden with about 6 plants so Im not too worried. Ill just have to wait and find out!:)

  5. Melissa Mercedes Ybarra says:

    Wish I had all that space ? very beautiful

  6. Jacquelynn Bryant Rattermann says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL garden! Congrats on your hard work!

  7. Toni Becker Johnson says:

    So so wonderful!!! Nice going!!! Congratulations!!!?

  8. Clara Lawson-Salaam says:

    Beautiful, congratulations wonder results ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Angelie Noi Welling says:

    ❤️ the layout of this garden,,I can spend all day in its..!

  10. Brian Ward says:

    Nice and clean co-planting. What is growing under the corn?

  11. Briena Van Vranken says:

    I tried the three Sisters garden. Sweet corn, pumpkins and pole beans.

  12. Tom Horner says:

    I know you love it. Its a great way to get lost in something outside of yourself.

  13. Scott Langley says:

    If my garden looked half that nice, Id be tickled pink! Awesome!

  14. It'z Princess Opeyemi Kazeem says:

    Beautiful it is a good harvesting plant

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