Viktor & Rolf Antidote is one of my fav

Viktor & Rolf Antidote is one of my fav discontinued designer frag and there have been times when I have paid crazy prices for it.
All that is a thing of the past.
Genre Perfumes Aconite – a spot on interpretation of Antidote. Been wearing this for the past few days and very impressed with the projection and longevity. 100% identical to Antidote and i am a happy customer 🙂


  1. Lathesh B Suryakantha says:

    Get me one 🙂 Been waiting for Antidote for long. For now Aconite might work

  2. Devin Breaux is the man behind Genre perfumes

  3. Devin Breaux says:

    Gau Tam thank you so much for the recognition and appreciation of our formulation. This helps Us tremendously ❤️☺️ #GenreParfums
    Let me know if there is anything else we can do for you.

  4. Lathesh B Suryakantha says:

    On my try list Devin Breaux once Gau Tam gives a shout-out its a must try 🙂

  5. Devin Breaux says:

    You are welcome at anytime Lathesh B Suryakantha. Gau Tam is definitely a voice of truth. ?

  6. Robert Howard says:

    Lathesh B Suryakantha agreed

  7. Carlos Colom says:

    I invite anyone to try Genre Parfums. They’re doing a fee things right fright from the start. I tried 1 roll on and 1 eau de Parfum and a week later my clothes stiiil smell of the Jo Malone Interpretation of Lime Basil and Mandarin. even after washing them. There’s a 3 sample pack thats reasonably priced and should get you acquainted with what they do. Talk to Devin Breaux he will guide you through.

  8. Devin Breaux says:

    Carlos Colom salute to you for the descriptive reinforcement my friend. You have no idea how much I appreciate you all! ?

  9. Carlos Colom says:

    Devin Breaux Send me your current options!!!! I think I have an itch that needs to be scratched!!!!!!?????

  10. Devin Breaux says:

    Will do my friend

  11. Robert Howard says:

    Devin Breaux is there a web site someone can link to

  12. Devin Breaux says:

    Robert Howard at the moment the website is being designed. I will pm you info right now.

  13. Robert Howard says:

    Devin Breaux awesome thank you

  14. Carlos Colom says:

    Robert Howard Let me know if you get anything!!!!

  15. Robert Howard says:

    Carlos Colom definitely getting some. Mojave ghost, Antidote just not sure of the third to round out sample pack

  16. Carlos Colom says:

    oud satin wood?

  17. Jonathan Rivas says:

    Im a witness of Devin Breaux work, outstanding…

  18. Devin Breaux says:

    Many thank you’s Jonathan Rivas

  19. Scott Wilbur says:

    Where do you get this product?

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