Vintage King Intense … What do you guys think about this?

Pineapple Vintage King Intense …
What do you guys think about this?


  1. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    One of the best Aventus clones imo. It’s damn close.

  2. Chris Young says:

    I like it. No headaches.

  3. Paolo Ezio says:

    Uhm no im not the creator of that garbage group. I created the Lounge

    And my opinion has changed since the initial spray. The King Intense isnt even close to Aventus IMO

  4. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    Damn really? It’s definitely the best clone yet imo. Of course it isn’t Aventus, nothing ever will be. But King Intense is the ONLY Aventus clone I’ve tried where I was like damn that’s hell of a clone.

  5. Darren Michael says:

    Too close to Aventus but not quite Aventus. Lost it’s bright pineapple, insignificant

  6. Blake Hewitt says:

    King Intense is very similar to the older Aventus batches as the woody notes immediately blend with the top notes. It’s still fruity/ woody for a good 3 hours which is a clear indication that there is plenty of bergamot mixing with the woody patchouli After 3 hours you get the patchouli and then the base musks through to hours 5-8. It’s a solid release and I agree with Paolo – it’s easily the closest Aventus alternative. PV Intense is the closest to the modern batches and takes the fruity pineapple to the max with far less woody aspects. King Intense and PV Intense are very different. Personally prefer PV Intense but King Intense is ideal for those who miss the 2011 – 2015 Aventus batches

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