Vs Dior Sauvage EDT Part 2 … Who you got ?

Bleu de Chanel EDP Vs Dior Sauvage EDT Part 2 …
Who you got ?
Pic Cred: Yours Truly!


  1. Natan Barros Freitas says:

    To me Bleu EDT is better than Sauvage EDT and Sauvage EDP is better than Chanel EDP

  2. Parampal Singh Sidhu says:

    In this case I’d say Chanel any day. Much better frag.

  3. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Wifey, the reason I call her wifey, she’s reliable, stays with me all day, and she’s gorgeous. BDC edp always gets my vote, unless you put her up against my side chic???

  4. Lcb Misael says:

    How’s the projection and the compliment factor on the BDC EDP!

  5. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Lcb Misael , me and my wife go to the movies, we sit down, she gets popcorn. Comes back and first thing she said” I could smell you in the hallway”. That’s an indication of the projection and silage. She smelled me in the hallway, that was the compliment factor.

  6. Keesus Crice says:

    Boy have things changed, I remember when Bleu was denouced like the plague and Sauvage was also passively written off as the bastard child of the Dior line. Hell, I come back and now Invictus flankers have clout.

  7. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Rasasi Hawas to me is killing all Invictus. I’m done with Invictus

  8. Nino Merdžanović says:

    None of the 2. Rather have no fragrance

  9. Mark Iliff says:

    I got Sauvage EDP that’s what I got ?.

  10. Deleanu Alexandru-Mihail says:


  11. Deleanu Alexandru-Mihail says:

    Oh hi !

  12. Mark Iliff says:

    Does my giff work?

  13. Mark Iliff says:

    Let me try turning my phone off and in again.

  14. Deleanu Alexandru-Mihail says:

    they do work.

  15. Mark Iliff says:

    Doesn’t work for me. Must be a glitch. I’ve seen it before.. haha

  16. Deleanu Alexandru-Mihail says:


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