wearing after the beating he put on McGregor the leprechaun?

What frag was Khabib wearing after the beating he put on McGregor the leprechaun?


  1. Manuel Soto Santiago says:


  2. Ray Newton says:

    GIT. Insult to injury

  3. Chaz Ferrell says:

    D and G royal knight

  4. Robert Heath Herndon says:

    Boadicea the “Victorious”?

  5. NIyaz Zamanov says:

    I’m a khabib fan but I don’t if real Muslims wear fragrance cuz there’s alcohol on it!

  6. Rahman Shaukat says:

    NIyaz Zamanov alcohol is prohibited to drink, but can be used for other purposes.

  7. NIyaz Zamanov says:

    Rahman Shaukat I’m Muslim as well I didn’t know that! Thanx for information

  8. Zain Plasticwala says:

    Assalamoalaikum, thing is…..its not alcohol, but intoxication that is prohibited. Application of perfume doesn’t n will not cause intoxication. Alcohol is only used as a transportation mechanism from the atomiser to ur clothes/ body. During this proc…See More

  9. Radin Udara says:

    Zain Plasticwala well said

  10. John Twomey says:

    My son wrestles in college. No fragrance and no anti perspirant. He puts a smelly arm pit on your nose to make you quit lololoolol. True story!!

  11. Mokim Mohammad Elmoussaoui says:

    Russian adam

  12. George Galdiano says:

    Xerjoff Mefisto. He told McGregor, “Here’s me fist-o!”

  13. Aftab Fez says:

    Or Sex Panther, with real bits of panther

  14. Secretions Magnifiques. That’ll put anyone to sleep real quick

  15. Narciso Lopez says:

    Tom Ford fucking fabulous

  16. Rubén Robelo says:

    Tuscan MF Leather

  17. Mark Mcauley says:

    Xerjoff More Than Words lol

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