Wearing Aventus I still get compliments from several feet

Wearing Aventus I still get compliments from several feet away 6 hours after applying, which is nice, but it makes me feel like I must be killing people in those first few hours lol.


  1. Johnathan James Overman says:

    4 from a decant with a not-the-greatest atomizer

  2. why not spray less then

  3. Alexandre Campioni says:

    How can you do that ? Aventus has no performance on my skin !

  4. Johnathan James Overman says:

    Might just be you, I go noseblind to it after like 45 minutes

  5. Jose O. De Leon says:

    Gotta agree with Johnathan James Overman. I go noseblind on 4-5 sprays, Aventus is an interesting beast.

  6. Aventus ? is this a new fragrance ?

  7. Dario Vargas Federico says:

    Batch? ?

  8. Carlos J. Duncan says:

    After 30ish minutes I can’t smell iron me but others smell it hours later so it’s still a beast. I wish I had a smokier batch though, that’s the one that really popped off my skin. But Aventus is king for a reason.

  9. Manjunath Thunga says:

    I echo you ppl can smell Aventus on me after 8hr mark ,the king is always a king

  10. Wylie Love III says:

    Where do you spray?

  11. Arsenios Hellinic says:

    I always spray places where the sun dont shine ! ????

  12. Mike Gonzalez says:

    Ooooohhhh kill em

  13. James De Leon says:

    I’ve received three compliments in the past few weeks from twenty plus feet away. One was my dad tonight. The other two were strangers. Each time I almost can’t believe them. Only fragrance I’ve been acknowledged or complimented at such crazy distance.

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