What do you guys think about perfume oils?

What do you guys think about perfume oils? and do you recommend any suppliers?


  1. Kevin Holt says:

    I recommend SCENTual Obsessions Perfume

  2. Avantius Maximus says:

    I love them, especially days I don’t want to spray anything. I love oils from Ajmal, Rasasi and Asgharali.

  3. Donovan Twaddle says:

    Al-Rehab. They’re strong and super cheap, like $3 each.

  4. Sami Mohammad says:

    Use coupon EID20 for a 20% discount (purchase must be over $50 CAD).

  5. Susan Smith says:

    Oilperfumary , Nabeel

  6. Kevin Holt says:

    I agree with @ Jordan Davis SCENTual Obsessions Perfume

  7. Jonathan Alexandre says:

    Don’t really care for them.

  8. Pranav Kapoor says:

    Try Indian Naturals – they’ve been doing this for a century almost. Pure perfume oils

  9. Banerjee Tumpa says:

    I have tried body shop oils they r better than perfumes. I HV tried ajmal ones too but they HV that typical attar type feel to it. Also perfumes in pondicherry behind aurobindo aashram r too good n very affordable bt not available online.

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