What fragrance would the guy recording this use?

What fragrance would the guy recording this use?


  1. Mayank Kumar says:

    Anything from Creed and most probably Aventus Cologne.

  2. Peltier Corey says:

    gamer girl pee

  3. Diaz Juan Antonio says:


  4. this dude wears prada lhomme…inoffensive and non violent 😉

  5. Jose Ochoa says:

    And shes the one wearing Aventus.. ?

  6. Aindrila Chaudhuri says:

    I don’t know the back story. But this looks scary. Totally unhinged. I would call the cops.

  7. Juan Antonio Ovalle says:

    Probably Aventus, judging just by how she’s acting .

  8. Christopher Johnson says:

    Shalimar edt

  9. Peta Duggan says:

    Calvin Klein shock

  10. P.J. Taillon says:

    Carlos Gomez I would totally take a run at her….

  11. Andrew Serkaian says:

    8 sprays of Versace Eros on the pubic region

  12. Vinit Singh says:

    “You’re kidnapping me”??? Girl’s crazy but where did he learn the definition of kidnapping???

  13. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    I’m wearing going to jail, she scratch my car again, psycho chic???

  14. David Dunmeyer says:

    Definitely not Aventus, because if he had worn it, she’d be on the hood getting the crazy fucked right out of her

  15. P.J. Taillon says:

    David Dunmeyer with his belt around her neck to keep her in line.

  16. Rick Reese says:

    I’ma Puss by the house of Castration!

  17. Narciso Lopez says:

    Might have been pino silvestre

  18. Benjamin Bradley Simon says:


  19. Jose Ochoa says:

    Shit. I just noticed shes also wearing a ck sweater. ??

  20. Jose Ochoa she probably is wearing the women’s version

  21. Girisha Alexander Wyatt says:


  22. Jesse Balinong says:

    Aventus. Official scent of the beta males.

  23. Daniel Wurz says:

    Jesse Balinong that stings a bit mate

  24. Edison F. Martinez says:

    Daniel Wurz if the shoe fits m8

  25. Jesse Balinong says:

    Daniel Wurz sorry bb ?

  26. Daniel Wurz says:

    Jesse Balinong some day I’ll be alpha…some day. Gettin tired of bein a cheeky cunt

  27. Abhijeet Bhediya says:

    Aventus is basic bitch boy juice for sure

  28. Daniel Wurz says:

    Abhijeet Bhediya that’s not what your mother said… *ba dum tiss*

  29. Edison F. Martinez says:

    Daniel Wurz dad*

  30. Abhijeet Bhediya says:

    Daniel Wurz typical bro response

  31. Jonathan Carlson says:

    That’s one of the fastest 0 to crazy reactions I’ve ever seen.

  32. Jose Ochoa says:

    Tom Ford Fatal Attraction

  33. Neil Devlin says:

    Psychotrope for Women by Pierre Guillaume ?️?‍♀️

  34. Greg Knudson says:

    Dolce & Gabbana “The One”

  35. Ck encounter if u know wat I mean! ?

  36. Anthony Kladitis says:

    The only thing we know for SURE is that it’s HIS fault

  37. He better put on the Nasomatto Duro on and slap her back into reality.

  38. Mike Rangel says:

    Aventus for Her is what he’s using

  39. Jonathan Plaza says:

    Secretions Magnifique for jizzing his pants in fear

  40. Rafael Andrade says:

    Ana Luiza Fisicaro

  41. Brian Best says:

    Wayne Brady’s fragrence *Smack a Hoe*

  42. Edison F. Martinez says:

    Blackmail by Kerosene

  43. Michael Romano says:

    Dior Fahrenheit; because she’s obviously reached a temperature that resembles a boiling point. ?

  44. Christian Mahogany says:

    Sounds like a fuckboy probably wearing Drakkar Noir. You know he fucked with that bitchs head. But he was smart enough to record that shit even though I know this motherfuckers a douchebag

  45. P.J. Taillon says:

    Stacy Dolcetti Samantha Chilvers

  46. P.J. Taillon says:

    Him: What’s she like? Seems like the kind of girl to scratch your car!! Me ‘No man, she wouldn’t scratch your car, she isn’t petty like that, she will fuck up your entire life”

  47. Atinderjit Singh says:

    You’re kidnapping me bahahahaha

  48. Carlos Laguerta says:

    good girl gone bad by Killian

  49. Kevin Willemsen says:

    Something feminine… Maybe Prada candy?

  50. Jonathan Mcsweeney says:

    Stash by SJP, she sniffed it all

  51. Kyle Stevens says:

    They were having sex in his car less that 20 minutes later.

  52. Daniel San says:

    Secretions Magnificent

  53. Saija Vatzen says:

    Johnson’s baby scent.

  54. Nathan Waino says:

    Where do these guys find women like this? Is there a site? Or a store? I am a woman, and I am horrified – and yet, I cannot turn away…

  55. Daryl Gathing says:

    I have dated her entire family, or close relatives for sure. I assume they were related given behavior ….

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