What is your favourite vetiver perfume?

What is your favourite vetiver perfume? I like Lalique Encre Noir


  1. Savvas Amiridis says:

    i am voting for comme des garcons MAN2 馃榾

  2. Pepe Villalobos Duque says:

    Raw Spirit Bijou Vert

  3. Segun Yayi says:

    Incident Diplomatique by Jovoy
    Terre d鈥橦ermes

  4. Serge Lutens Vetiver is also amazing!

  5. NIyaz Zamanov says:

    I鈥檓 not a vetiver fan but I had Zara vetiver and sandalwood 2 for 30 dollars deal from Zara ! It was awesome! Freaking discontinued can鈥檛 find any now!

  6. Parameshwar Iyer says:

    Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire

  7. Apratim Bhadury says:

    Sultan vetiver

  8. Taylor Reiman says:

    Still need a bottle lmao

  9. Daniel Wurz says:

    Get your shit together, Taylor and quit disappointing me.

  10. Mouad Abdelhak says:

    Montale red vetiver is awesome

  11. Javier Ponce Rinc贸n says:

    Vetiver Tonka

  12. Charles Collins says:

    That sounds amazing! Who makes this?

  13. Javier Ponce Rinc贸n says:

    Charles Collins Hermes. It’s from the Hermessence line. It’s along the vein of Bal d Afrique, Vetiver Fatale, Yves Rocher Cuir Vetiver. This was the first (and arguably best)!

  14. Charles Collins says:

    Javier Ponce Rinc贸n ah ok. I like Herm猫s BelAmie vetiver.

  15. Javier Ponce Rinc贸n says:

    Charles Collins love it too! Take a look at Bottega Veneta PH Parfum!!

  16. Chaz Ferrell says:

    Tf grey vetiver

  17. Ajay Tikaria says:

    Encre and sultan vetiver

  18. Charles Alfano says:

    I love Robert Piguet Futur

  19. Tim Odishoo says:

    Tf GV, Sycamore, Creed OV, TDH, Roja Vetiver extrait

  20. Moises Toro says:

    Original Vetiver

  21. Mallieswaran Subbaiyan says:

    Sel de vetiver, Dior vetiver

  22. Mallieswaran Subbaiyan says:

    Sel de Vetiver is amazing.

  23. Rakesh Jeswani says:

    Matthew Potter absolutely…I love it.

  24. NIyaz Zamanov says:

    Sultan vetiver NISHANE

  25. Rakesh Jeswani says:

    Which nishane u like most I ve purchased samples for hacivat, munegu, ambre sultan , passion choco they are 0.7 Ml vials hard to tell! Looks like all strong performers!

  26. Rakesh Jeswani says:

    Rakesh Jeswani thanx ! Hacivat smells like elysium to me! Where I can get a good deal for those if u know let me know bro

  27. NIyaz Zamanov says:

    NIyaz Zamanov HACIVAT is more of a fresh clean and creamy pineapple … And a freshie with good performance u can count onn.

  28. Rakesh Jeswani says:

    People say it鈥檚 close to aventus I could not get anything similar! It鈥檚 jus very hard to review it on lucky scents lil bitty samples! I ve put in a glass spray and it was too strong for Houston heat now

  29. NIyaz Zamanov says:

    NIyaz Zamanov anything has pineapple it’s gets compared to Aventus and I don’t know y
    Whereas I believe it’s totally a different frag IMO

  30. Rakesh Jeswani says:

    Totally right! I just get samples if I like it get bottles it鈥檚 very expensive hobby! Aventus is a must to have for me tho

  31. NIyaz Zamanov says:

    NIyaz Zamanov you can get Nishane from Pranay Agrawal.. plenty of folks here buy from him as well

  32. Mohammed Alazzawi says:

    NIyaz Zamanov +1 for Pranay Agrawal for smooth transactions and positive deals

  33. Jerriel Dudley says:

    Thanx For recommendation I ve heard of this gentleman before! I ll talk to him when I鈥檓 ready

  34. Ryan Petch says:

    I’ll hit him up for Nishane too. Do you guys know of a Slumberhouse plug?

  35. Johnnie Hannah Jr. says:

    TDH, TFGV, Roja Vetiver Extrait

  36. TJ Bollinger says:

    Creed Original Vetiver

  37. Gjuro Zec says:

    DS & Durga Cowboy Grass

  38. Yusri Diamondflame says:

    Lalique “Encre noire” is my favorite well! 馃槈

  39. Yusri Diamondflame says:

    Roja vetiver extrait

  40. Michael Graves says:

    Like EN but favs are Guerlain, vintage Givenchy Eau de Vetyver and Route de Vetiver by MPG

  41. Rob Goode says:

    Walimah Attar by Areej le Dore

  42. How strong vetiver smell is in Walimah Attar?

  43. Daniel Sekerak says:

    Jani Turunen Stronger than the florals that鈥檚 for sure.

  44. Jean-Francois Grimard says:

    Eau Savage

  45. Phil Bancroft says:

    Guerlain, Dior, and TF (grey vetiver).

  46. Richard Denobriga says:

    Encre Noire Sport

  47. Encre Noire Extreme and Vetiver Citroen.

  48. Cadiz Coca says:

    Encre noire is my favorite then comes the sport version. Prada Infusion vetiver, terre d’hermes (only have the edt) + Byblos in black is a vetiver good cheapie

  49. Trevis Stamper says:

    Creed Original Vetiver and Fredric Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire

  50. Richard Potter says:

    encre noire ,vetiver extraordinaire,sultan vetiver nishane

  51. No茅 Arteaga says:

    Grey Vetiver Tom Ford

  52. Chris McClellan says:

    New York EDT

  53. Parth Dholakia says:

    Vetiver tonka, lol

  54. Nirav Rajpura says:

    Jovoy Private Label.

  55. Felipin Felipon says:

    I want to try that one!

  56. Edward Bladis says:

    Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

  57. Srivathsa Subramanian Sivakumar says:

    Following ever

  58. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Ruh khus Parth Dholakia fav

  59. 沤ivil臈 Matuzevi膷i奴t臈 says:

    Aventus bra

  60. Gabriel Beaudry says:

    Bal dafrique

  61. Gaurav Verma says:

    Nishane Sultan Vetiver

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