What scents make you or are nose blind for

What scents make you or are nose blind for some reason Aventus does this to me very quickly


  1. Jose Ochoa says:

    When you think the scent is gone, people could still smell you… i get that a lot with aventus

  2. Tim Odishoo says:

    Roja Vetiver extract
    Roja Danger
    Creed MI

  3. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    BDC edp
    PVI( though I catch it in whiffs the next day)
    Tuxedo comes and goes, because it changes, as your nose gets use to the opening, an hour later, you smell the violet leaf in whiffs

  4. Brad Woolslayer says:

    I think maybe it’s ambroxan for me. I mean…. I can smell Iso E Super all day long, but ambroxan seems kinda fleeting to me.

  5. Крис Захариев says:

    Sauvage… I gifted it to a friend of mine and he is really happy about it..

  6. Brandon Agee says:

    I go nose blind to Xerjoff More than Words…which is dangerous because its nuclear

  7. Aventus. So annoying. After 35 mins i genuinely cannot smell it.

  8. Francis Dominic Presto says:

    What do you mean nose blind

  9. Danilo Henrique Garcia says:

    When you think about it, poster is talking about Olfactory fatigue, everyone gets that after long exposes to any compound.

  10. Kyle Stevens says:

    Ambre Nuit and about everything after I wear oud too long

  11. Chris McClellan says:

    SuperNova from Dua.

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