What Separates The “Niche” from the “Ultra-Niche”?

What Separates The “Niche” from the “Ultra-Niche”?: First as far as niche goes, not getting overly technical and literal here, houses like Tom Ford(even though he is a designer, still a niche house as far as the Private Blends go), Amouage and etc. Then ultra niche perhaps Roja Dove and Clive Christian…
Take note, these may not be the best examples, but for those who get my point, feel free to chime in with some ideas of your own.
Is there a big difference a quality in the two? Or is the exclusivity held down by higher pricing and the idea of prestige that separates the two?
I’m just curious if the main distinguishing factor is actual ingredients and quality or just something more superficial.


  1. Clayton Wong says:

    1: Price 2: Ingredient

  2. Keesus Crice says:

    I mean obviously there is a price difference, but I question if it justifiable. If there are higher quality ingredients in there, is the difference significant?

  3. Keesus Crice says:

    Either way, with the price and the idea of prestige behind it, it definitely can cloud the judgement as far as the actuality of what is really behind it all. I would hope, just as anyone, that there is costlier raw materials behind it, but even if there actually wasnt, with that prerequisite in effect, the perception would lend itself to that ideal.

  4. Clayton Wong says:

    Tht u will have to ask somebody tht as if they know lol.

  5. Clayton Wong says:

    Its like a Gtr n a Ferrari 458. The Gtr is better in every department as a sportscar. But 458 cost 3 times more.

  6. Michael Becerra says:

    I would said I would love to test a pros nose with 3 different fragrances from five different price points each, blind folded, and see if they could honestly pick the more expensive ones apart.

  7. Keesus Crice says:

    Me too and Id be willing to admit, a lot of them would fall short Michael Becerra.

  8. Keesus Crice says:

    But what is it that lends itself to the cost difference Clayton Wong?

  9. Clayton Wong says:

    Branding n market position. For example they can sell it for an more expensive price y must they sell it cheaper. Some ppl just prefer to buy more expensive stuff so they can brag about it.

  10. Keesus Crice says:

    Id agree with that Clayton Wong. But, Id still believe that a Ferraris craftsmanship and materials is a class above a Nissan. I mean even if it could be outperformed, I mean there are some cheap designers that could outperform the best of the niche world, but Im comparing apples and oranges here now.

  11. Clayton Wong says:

    Nissan assemble the Gtr engine in a sealed lab by hand. One if for the mass market one is for a more premium market. One will earn 20k from selling a car but will sell 100 in a month another one will earn 100k each for targeting 20 unit a month example.

  12. Joe Anthony says:

    I used to say price until I got into the indies and realized some are even cheaper than most designers. ..for me is quality & the intentions…niche usually go for a certain type of person and not just for the masses like a lhomme or DHS.

  13. Ingemar Svensson says:

    One aspect you need to take into account is the normal definition of niche which is availability i.e. the number of doors where its available. Then you could for example separate niche fragrances that are available in a variety of department stores from ones are that only available in exclusive boutiques or even in single locations etc.

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