what you want to buy regardless of time of year?

Wondering how you folks go about your fragrance purchases. By this I mean, do you randomly sample all types of scents and make a shortlist of what you want to buy regardless of time of year? Do you go by a certain order you’ve made in your notes? Do you differentiate buying sprees around certain notes? Personally I have a list every month of what I want to purchase that month and leave room to buy fragrances allocated to different months if a deal pops up. I also tend to shop based on brands, currently on a Guerlain and Chanel kick!


  1. Daniel Faulkner says:

    I blind buy frags that I can’t test locally based on note composition and reviews. I prefer to try or sample if possible.

  2. Steven Chapa says:

    I usually take note (physically or in my head) of fragrances I hear about that intrigue me. Most times I just buy a decant of it from someone on Fragrance Swap and give it a test run to see if I like it. If I go through 10ml in a short period of time, I’ll buy a bottle.

  3. Karrar Hussain says:

    That’s a solid way to go about, see if you ever even reach for the decant enough to warrant a bottle.

  4. Travis Baran says:

    I sample, sample, and sample, wear and test the sample many times, and then I make a list of the fragrances I want to purchase. I rank them 1-10 on how much I want the scent; basically, I prioritize them. I then think about the cost and if I want to gi…

  5. Travis Baran says:

    Also, the common everyday person probably won’t even notice your fragrance or comment on it if he/she likes it, and, from my experience, even if you told them it was a Creed, By Kilian, or Roja Dove, no one would know the brand or care. Most likely, on…

  6. Karrar Hussain says:

    Very, very, well said sir!!

  7. Christine Witkowski says:

    Such great advice, Travis Baran! It’s so easy to get sucked into blind buys or thinks you only like instead of love.

  8. Ryan Petch says:

    I just buy Aventus and call it a day.

  9. Karrar Hussain says:

    Ahahaha that’s brilliant man. Wish it were that easy for me.

  10. Vlad Matsnev says:

    I buy regardless of the time of the year. Sometimes I try to buy responsibly and end up buying some nonsense. Now I rely purely on emotions. Unfortunately, now I have a lot of shit to sell as well hhahah

  11. Karrar Hussain says:

    Oh gosh!!. I try and keep emotion out of it and be as objective as possible

  12. Vlad Matsnev says:

    Karrar Hussain Nah, doesn’t work in my case hehe First and foremost i need to feel some sort of emotion when trying it. Otherwise I’ll end up buying some Aventus ?

  13. Karrar Hussain says:

    By emotion I meant “other people like it/ say it’s good/ it’s a house I love so I should own this one too”. I think you meant the connection and feeling a fragrance gives you which is special and to that I agree, 100% need to feel that sort of an emotion.

  14. Vlad Matsnev says:

    Karrar Hussain yep, that’s what I mean! Would never buy a fragrance based on advice. Try – yes, maybe order some decants, but never buy!

  15. Travis Clement says:

    I’ve learned that many fragrance people are irresponsible with money lol

  16. Vlad Matsnev says:

    I’d say that now I completely let my soul guide me. Because when I tried to be “responsible” I bought Artisan Batucada just because it was on sale. Same thing happened with Fueguia and different brands. Now I suffer haha

  17. Travis Clement says:

    Buying things because they are on sale is the opposite of responsible ??

  18. Vlad Matsnev says:

    Travis Clement Well, I thought of it as an investment hahah NO MORE.

  19. T.j. Bennett says:

    A good kick to be on for sure

  20. Whatever my local street corner hobo is selling that week

  21. Greg Knudson says:

    I’ve just been sampling or getting small decants for a long time now, discovering notes I like and slowly adding to a collection of 30 bottles (the ones I’ve decided I enjoy enough to buy a full bottle of). Basically an arbitrary number I don’t want to exceed. I might swap something out if I like it more for a particular purpose

  22. Albert Mata says:

    If you tried to keep me at 30 bottles id be devastated.

  23. Mariela Garrido says:

    Karrar Hussain One of the reasons I don’t want to get past that point is self-awareness. I know it would be harder to go back than to never pass that mark in the first place 🙂

  24. Brandon Agee says:

    Sample mostly. I blind buy every now n then. Most blind buys I’m not ever happy with though

  25. Riel Carriere says:

    I keep testing samples of a variety of fragrances and usually I buy one or two full size bottles per year depending on the weather as well. So for example I tried Xerjoff Dhajala about 2 months ago and I loved it. So it would definitely be something I’d buy around Spring time as I feel it’s more wearable during that time. I also tried Nasomatto Baraonda this year but I’d buy that around Fall time next year. So it just depends how much I liked a certain fragrance and the time of the year to buy it.

  26. Jason Coursey says:

    Very similar to how I go about things!

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