What’s “grey market” when it comes to fragrances?

What’s “grey market” when it comes to fragrances? What about it makes it “grey”?


  1. Saurabh Sinha says:

    There is no as such grey market. Most of the times it’s mostly European bottles or people flipping bottles they bought cheap. If someone is selling you an aventus bottle for $120 because it came from a “grey market”, he is conning you.

  2. Kyle Stevens says:

    Grey market can also be overstock. When a new fragrance comes out they set up a huge display and not all of them sale and they need to create room for the next new fragrance. So they sell them off in bullk after a certain time. I’ve never been burned by a discounter or gray market sale. But if you want something guaranteed and want to go through the experience then by retail if you have the money. Chanel doesn’t allow any of their products in the gray market or discounters. I want a bottle from Dior’s private line I’d rather pay retail

  3. Daniel Joffe says:

    Black market are counterfeit/fakes. Grey market are real items but they’re not officially licensed distributors. So the goods are real but they’re not meant to be sold by that seller in that way and you run the risk that you’re buying something with an unknown history, or it might be a partial product (no box, no cap, tester label on the bottle, returns, etc). Overall though it’s totally worth the ‘risk’. With feedback ratings on eBay, major discounters like Fragrancenet, etc you’re 95% of the time going to get something absolutely fine for a fraction of the ‘retail’ price.

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