What’s on your mind that’s fragrance related?

What’s on your mind that’s fragrance related? Got something you wanna say but don’t feel like making its own post? Say it here!


  1. Bjørn Tore Paulen says:

    I think that 4 sprays of AC Santal Carmin don’t do the trick. Gone in two hours..

  2. Nando Medina says:

    I’m glad I didn’t go with 3 sprays of Oajan because with just two sprays i’m “nuculur” , smell amazing though, love the strong whiffs

  3. Darren Palmer says:

    Why does Aventus inspire such fanboyism? Yes its amazing but there are other amazing fragrances out there FFS ?

  4. Abhijeet Bhediya says:

    Darren Palmer because it’s a crowd pleaser. Nothing bold, unique or polarizing

  5. Darren Palmer says:

    Abhijeet Bhediya I was being a bit rhetorical, I know why its loved by the masses

  6. Gregory Andrew Duncan says:

    Baccarat Rouge 540 is garbage

  7. Sam Kallukadavil says:

    Gregory Andrew Duncan I took my son out with me and we tried it at the store. He said it smelt like makeup fell into vegetable oil!?

  8. Gregory Andrew Duncan says:

    Sam Kallukadavil What he described smells better than BR540. Is he sponsored by MFK???????

  9. Kristo Maves says:

    I don’t know if I’d say garbage, but it’s as overrated as it is overpriced. Totally get a kick out of seeing it called garbage though LOL

  10. Jason Dean says:

    Br540 is what made me lose faith in hype credibility.

  11. Gregory Andrew Duncan says:

    Kristo I get a kick out of hurling insults at it. When I see a tester in the store I knock it off the counter and keep moving.

  12. Kristo Maves says:

    I need to get a sample of it next time I’m in Toronto. I haven’t smelled it in a while. I do clearly remember thinking “People are hyping this up???” The first time I smelled it. MFK has seriously gone down hill since the first oud was launched

  13. Jason Yeomans says:

    Gregory Andrew Duncan me with Nautica Voyage..

  14. Jason Yeomans says:

    Kristo Maves I did not like it at all..

  15. Sam Kallukadavil says:

    Gregory Andrew Duncan Hahahaha!

  16. Mychal Cure says:

    BR540 is hot garbage

  17. Jason Dean says:

    Aventus isn’t necessarily the best smelling fragrance, it’s just the best warm weather outdoor fragrance, and warm weather outdoors is the best place to be.

  18. Jason Dean says:

    Also, I don’t mind paying for it but I hate paying to try different batches.

  19. Sam Kallukadavil says:

    What do conus and iso mean?

  20. Ivan Kavanagh says:

    continental united states, in search of

  21. Sam Kallukadavil says:

    Ivan Kavanagh Thank you.

  22. Darren Palmer says:

    Continental United States

  23. Darren Palmer says:

    And In Search Of

  24. Ajay Ranga says:

    Dior Suavage .. ? ? ? ? ?

  25. Jon Brooks says:

    Back To Black is the real deal fellas. I’m not into the whole compliment game but it’s happening.

  26. Ivan Kavanagh says:

    I’d give my middle nut for a travel atomizer with a Dior sprayer.

  27. Ivan Kavanagh says:

    Designer exclusives are as good or better than niche.

  28. Sandu Razvan says:

    I agree that TF Noir Extreme is tremendous.

  29. Jason Dean says:

    Most of my collection is Tom Ford Private Blend and Dior Privee

  30. Kristo Maves says:

    Oud Satin Mood is unwearable for a man.

  31. Soroosh Toraby says:

    Ivan Kavanagh agreed it’s too rosy

  32. Stephen Cabil says:

    it’s the SWEET vanilla that is a deal breaker for me, but combined with the powdery florals…

  33. Michelle Blair says:

    I find it great

  34. Lisa Phillips Jordan says:

    Brian Brito i never said it was bad! wear what you like. oud ispahan is my favorite oud-rose.

  35. Jonathan Huerta says:

    Ivan Kavanagh havent tried

  36. Mayank Kumar says:

    I really want to get into buying discovery kits.

  37. Thomas Antonucci says:

    I have a really weak sense of smell. It’s frustrating.

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