Where are you all at in your fragrance journey/hobby?

Just checking in. Where are you all at in your fragrance journey/hobby? Still collecting? Downsizing? Sampling only? Buying freeze? etc. What’s happening


  1. Edward Bladis says:

    Buying freeze. If i find something i love when i travel to nyc and go in the stores i may buy it. But the group deal stalking days are over. I’ve recently gotten into watches which is probably the most expensive of many hobbies I’ve had.

  2. TravisBaran says:

    I have a little of everything, from Roja to TJmaxx specials…65 bottles in total, and, honestly, I have not smelled anything that I just have to have in about a year. Vetiver Tonka was my last purchase, and I feel that my collection is now well rounded and complete at this time, so I am not buying or thinking of buying at this point. After smelling a couple thousand samples over a decade or so, I’ve averaged out that I only have about a 1-2% chance of smelling something I would think about purchasing. It is kind of hard to justify hunting out 100 new fragrances in hopes of finding 1-2 that I might purchase, especially when my collection is complete. At this point, I would have to spend more on samples to find a bottle-worthy purchase than what the whole bottle is probably worth. Lol. A hundred dollar bottle now costs 250-300 because of all of the sampling to find it lol.

  3. Patrick Echevarria says:

    Currently,I’m at 344 full bottles,I don’t like decants though I have some few. My frag target is 365 bottles and I’m done. 365 is equivalent to 1 frag per day use through a year so it’s 21 more to reach the goal. These 21 will be carefully selected and must be truly a love one.

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