Which one is closer to 18 21 man made

Which one is closer to 18.21 man made


  1. Chris Sanderfer says:

    The one in the Middle

  2. David Robinson says:

    Kilian b2b no doubt about it

  3. Chris Luna says:

    To my nose none are close but B2B I guess would be the closest.

  4. Tim Odishoo says:

    have both B2B is the winner

  5. Jason Yeomans says:

    Never smell this one..

  6. Alin Mihai Stoianovici says:

    It’s funny because in 99% of the times it’s the other way around – people asking which cheapie is closest to a niche frag. 🙂

  7. Bethany Torisky Szumigale says:

    Hmmmmm, I wouldn’t necessarily think of any of these are terribly similar, but if I had to choose one: Kilian’s Back to Black.

  8. Bradley Harrison says:

    I would say Back to Black

  9. Brandon Voisard Guy says:

    Only other one I have smelled is tobacco vanille. And it’s very very close imo

  10. Daniel Mayes says:

    Killian 100%. Own both

  11. Daniel Faulkner says:

    Out of those, Back to Black, but they aren’t the same.

  12. Michael Shinall says:

    I own all of these and yes, as others said B2b is the closest, but even then I can’t say they’re “that” close.

  13. Scott Wilbur says:

    18:21 is a huge honey frag. None of the others are that close in m opion.

  14. Sói Ăn Chay says:

    BAck to black IMO

  15. Tiffany Hall says:

    18.21 and b2b dry down are not even in the same league. 18.21 dry down has a cheap stale cigarettes smell.. while b2b has a much cleaner tobacco scent.

    Don’t be fooled by the opening notes

  16. Jason Yeomans says:

    I agree with this

  17. Khepera El says:

    There’s one from Lattafa called Nakahat Al Oud which smells better than 18.21

  18. James Frantowski says:

    B2b, but Naxos eez besssss

  19. Chris Viger says:

    Thallium black is pretty close.

  20. Scent Baccarat says:

    None ,anyways everything from there is better than 18.21

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