Work party tonight. Which of these two?

Work party tonight. Which of these two? Play Intense or The One EDP?


  1. The one…. throw the other in the trash

  2. Imman Emman says:

    But why the trash ??

  3. Rahul Mukherjee says:

    Play intense is awesome

  4. Kevin Medlock says:

    I would wear the Play Intense, if it’s the pre reform.

  5. Rahul Mukherjee says:

    It was reformulated? When?

  6. Imman Emman says:

    U are right. I bought Intense pre reform 50ml. Finished it then bought 100ml and it just doesn’t perform like the first one, I called Hudson Bay, thinking it’s a fake, I was told it’s been reformulated

  7. Kevin Medlock says:

    Rahul Mukherjee Not really sure. I just know the older bottles had the ‘rewind’ and ‘fast forward’ buttons on each side of the play button on the box and bottle. I also know the Play Intense without those rwd and ff buttons in the box/bottle isn’t nearly as the ones with them.

  8. Kevin Medlock says:

    Imman Emman I didn’t hear it had been reformed. I knew when I saw the new box, before I even smelled it. Usually a new presentation means a reform. Not always, but quite a lot.

  9. Rahul Mukherjee says:

    Ah just noticed the new presentation on that bottle. Makes me sad, I guess I have to ration my juice.

  10. Truvelle Wilkins says:

    DC ….. ALL DAY

  11. Paul Van Halteren says:

    Givenchy. Always.

  12. Paul Van Halteren says:

    On my opinion there is a Givencgy fragrance for each occasion ( admittedly they lack a strong Oud eau de toilette). If you can, sample PI. GENTLEMAN. MONSIEUR. XERYUS. GENTLEMEN ONLY….

  13. Imman Emman says:

    Paul Van Halteren cool!! I will look into that

  14. Imman Emman says:

    Thanx all.. had to go with The One and of course, I got loads of compliment…

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