Would bleu de chanel be proper for this shirt ?

Would bleu de chanel be proper for this shirt ? what do you guys think


  1. Joseph Currie says:

    You might be overthinking it man

  2. Carlos Silva says:

    I only wear Bleu de Chanel with blue striped shirts with no pockets and some nice suspenders over it so I’d say no.

  3. Chris Young says:

    Yup. Just wear the shirt and the frag

  4. Hector Rivera says:

    How about neither you nor anyone ever wear this shirt ever

  5. Ray Piedra says:

    If he can pull it off why hate

  6. Hector Rivera says:

    I cant see anyone pulling this off

  7. Alexandre Campioni says:

    Hector Rivera is a really nice shirt

  8. Kyle Hull says:

    Hector Rivera cause you don’t know style apparently

  9. Hector Rivera says:

    Kyle Hull i guess not

  10. Josue Garcia says:

    Kyle Hull yup this shirt is nice i dont get the hate

  11. Hector Rivera says:

    Josue Garcia listen man this wasnt meant to be taken too seriously its just an unusual shirt it reminds me of a watermelon lol and of course you can wear whatever frag with whatever but i think Bleu De Chanel fits solid, dark colors best. Like navy, or black or dark grey

  12. Branislav Bane Glomuz says:

    It’s too colourful for BDC.

  13. Francis Dominic Presto says:

    Wear something fruity. Coco mademoiselle intense

  14. Ayaya King Aya says:

    Or Mandarino di amalfi

  15. Liam Barrett says:

    I’d say yes. Tucked in with a nice dark pair of jeans.

  16. Kevin Reed says:

    King ? you can rock any fragrance that you like with any clothing that you wear you definitely do not need other approval. I say Rock on

  17. Fragrance isn’t that serious lol wear whatever you want ?

  18. Hamed Noohi says:

    All depends on which socks ur wearing with it

  19. Jonathan Mcsweeney says:

    All shirts sold at Macys go with all colognes sold at Macys so yes.

  20. Rodolfo Gusson says:

    Nice shirt 🙂

  21. Brandon Yambura says:

    I pretty much wear button up shirts 90% of the time so I’m not hating on the shirt… but this does look like something you’d wear to a picnic. Warm weather shirt, warm weather frag. I say sure why not.

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