would you say are the top 5 perfumes for women?

What would you say are the top 5 perfumes for women?


  1. Ralph Grajales Perez says:

    I can tell witch are my favorite on my wife.
    1. Flowerbomb
    2. Versace Veranace
    3. Atelier pomelo paradi
    4. Atelier gran neroli
    5. Juicy couture

  2. Janice Claxton says:

    Black Opium
    Modern Muse
    Black Orchid or Velvet Orchid

    Please note these are not my preferences, these are based on popularity with Woman.

  3. Keith Walker says:

    Janice Claxton Thanks!

  4. Janice Claxton says:

    Keith Walker La Vie Est Belle By Lancome

  5. Abdoul Aziz Diallo says:

    black opium nuit blanche ??

  6. Janice Claxton says:

    Keith Walker also there are others like Angel and Chanel #5, however I went off sales and what you smell the most in public and on the masses.

  7. Ivan Kavanagh says:

    Bulgari Black, Hypnotic Poison, Addict, Coromandel, Cuir Beluga, Oud Ispahan, Misia. And I think Muscs Koublai Khan would smell great on a woman.

  8. David Glick says:

    Panther by Cartier

  9. Cruz Stark says:

    These are the ones i like on my wife , Flowerbomb, womanity , Mugler aura and my favorite Angel

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