XERJOFF naxos vs PDM LAYTON. Which would you choose any why?


  1. Mark Mcauley says:

    Mark and 70 others are consistently creating meaningful discussions with their posts.
    Naxos by a long distance, lasts longer on my skin, smells niche, I don’t think Layton is as good as Herod, Carlisle or Oujan , smells more like a designer fragrance to me but seems to get people the reactions they want from public or who they wanna impress, Naxos just smells more mature and makes you feel great when wearing it

  2. James Frantowski says:

    Naxos is probably my fav fragrance, but Layton is the bigger compliment getter and it has more versatility.

  3. Chris Scott says:

    Naxos. Layton smells generic and like a mass appeal designer. naxos is more interesting and better made IMO

  4. jon Brooks says:

    Layton is just a beautiful fragrance. The dry down is the best I’ve experienced.

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