years Same place bright sun Any idea why it s dying

I’ve had this Jade plant for about 3 years. Same place, bright sun. Any idea why it’s dying? Should I cut some healthy stems off and just toss it? – Ontario Canada


  1. Cathy Clarke says:

    It’s a money tree. I only water mine occasionally. I take off the dead leaves and move it around. It like it in the bathroom with the humidity x

  2. Donna Tandy says:

    Looks like it has been frosted, or cold draft

  3. possibly too much water. wait for the soil to be dry before you water it.

  4. Pamela Preston says:

    Looks like woolly aphid, I believe meths can clear it if wiped on!

  5. Brian Tetreault says:

    It looks like it’s being attacked by a fungus. I would wash it and change out the dirt. You’re supposed to change durt every 6 months

  6. Laura Loveday says:

    Looks like mealy bugs treat it fast or you’ll lose it ?. I’ve just recently lost 4 plants before I realised what it was! There is an organic Neem oil you can spray on which is supposed to get rid of it x

  7. James Dawson says:

    Change the soil . Bugs live in soil.

  8. Angel Bluediver says:

    I would. Take plant to sink. Bag and trash all planting medium. Rinse plant off thoroughly. Have new planting medium. Plant. Water. Spritz with organic bug spray like Dr earth. And place in a clear bag not in direct light. For about 2 weeks. Meanwhile I’d do a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of orginal spot and surrounding. Check all plants inhouse. May have to continue this throughout.
    Tip. Never bring in a new plant without a 2 week isolation. Even a soil change and pot clean

  9. Sonya Kendrick says:

    You have mealy bugs and they will spread to your other house plants.

  10. Sonya Kendrick says:

    Also they dislike direct sun light it scorches the leaves.

  11. Evelyn Somai says:

    Give it some water

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