you know the original hasnt naturally changed over time too

People trash reformulations comparing them to originals…but how do you know the original hasnt naturally changed over time too?


  1. Leon This sir, is a valid point. Maturation is a real thing.

  2. Nate Manning says:

    Reformulations are usually watered down bullshit. I’ve never seen a fragrance go thru maturity and suck

  3. Paulie Peanuts says:

    People know cause they remember when they bought the fragrance how it lasted and how rich it used to smell.. Then they get a bottle now and its piss water and lasts for 30 mins before turning into a skin scent. I think its no secret that everyone reformulated to make more $$

  4. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    It’s better to stay ignorant, if you can. I bought D&G pour homme when it was first released, the current formulation is trash too me. Now the other side, I have a current formulation of La Nuit, love it, lasts on me most of the day. To those that owned vintage la nuit, my formulation is trash. I’ve never smelled the vintage and don’t want too, best to stay ignorant in that case.

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