you that much Anyone have a favorite way to prepare kale

Ok Kale. I’m giving you a try even though I don’t like you that much.
Anyone have a favorite way to prepare kale? Lol. Should I just sauté in olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper like spinach? I don’t know how to eat it because I never buy it. I buy spinach


  1. Jordan Smith says:

    Kale chips in the over are really good…

  2. Carolyn Loh says:

    I cook my vegetables the same way…brown chopped garlic and add the veg. The other way is…brown garlic , add in small ? prawns followed by veg. Salt to taste!

  3. FranciscoSoinia Burgueno says:

    Dont eat the stem just the leave. Pull or tear leaf off of the stem.

  4. Debor Ahn says:

    kale is a cruciferous vegetable, so they are best eaten cook rather than raw.

    i love it german style or as its called gruenkohl lots of recipes online. my grandma always had kale cooking in a pot.

  5. Alisa Marie says:

    Thanks all for the great ideas and suggestions!

  6. Maggie Allyn says:

    – I just had an amazing kale and sausage soup today. Kale, kielbasa, spicy Italian sausage, potatoes, and I think it was in chicken broth. So so so good.

  7. Aubrie Casiano says:

    Zuppa Toscana! Hands down best use… I put extra extra kale in at the end it tastes so good poached in the broth.

  8. Debbie Harrill says:

    Good in smoothies. Adds the vitamins but you can cover up the flavor with fruit. Throws a little skip in your step.

  9. Brian Fink says:

    Raw and in juice…just like spinach

  10. Emma Connelly says:

    Best thing I do with my kale… feed it to my rabbits ?

  11. Blaise Huber says:

    Do what you said but crisp them in the oven and make kale chips

  12. Mary Lafferty-Luján Wilson says:

    I prepare like spinach except add bacon bits

  13. Cassandra Mahan says:

    Just put it in everything and you will live long and prosper. 🙂 I never thought I would like kale, but now I feel differently. I dont even taste it in fruit smoothies (although I do check my teeth after for green flakes). And I love adding it to soups and tomato sauce.

  14. Lubi Rosen says:

    … Kale fever is over … eat all veggies and fruits of all colors in balance…
    Most beneficial veggies or when you just as lightly steam them,,, that way you keep most of their nourishment…

  15. Rebecca Poe says:

    I like to blanch and freeze it. Heat it up and season (bacon grease) and enjoy.

  16. I saute like you said. I juice with it too. If I have to.much freeze and its great for a hearty winter soup.

  17. Heidi Brightman says:

    You grease the pan heavily so when you scrape it into the garbage it doesnt stick…

  18. Azzir Ed Amor says:

    I love kale. I used to make a kale juice and kale smoothie. You try it?

  19. Jeanne Leong Mitchell says:

    Kale chips- dehydrate with a bit oil & salt, yumm!

  20. Cristi Wilson Owens says:

    I wash it, cut it up, take a bite, spit it out and toss in trash.

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