your Creed Viking (or Aventus) label bubbling a little bit?

Has anybody else had issues switch your Creed Viking (or Aventus) label bubbling a little bit? The bubble is right under the Ship/Viking Logo.
I purchased from Beauty Encounter, just want to confirm its legit. (Yes it has the white ring under sprayer)


  1. Barrett Arrington says:

    Yes very normal

  2. Kyle Armstrong says:

    Ok cool. Thanks!

  3. Johnathan James Overman says:

    Yep my Aventus 18b01 has a bubble

  4. Oswald Bates says:

    Beauty encounter is legit.

  5. Kyle Armstrong says:

    Right on. Thanks!

  6. Jeffrey Reid Pittman says:

    Typical on ALL creed bottles

  7. Jose Ochoa says:

    Comes from humidity

  8. Hans Chua says:

    It’s normal. My Aventus has a the same bubble. Just need to press out the air bubble to the side.
    Most likely the people at Creed did not stick it properly cos all the cost of this bottle goes to the ingredients and therefore no money left for QC. Guess they will hv to charge us more to have a nicely stuck label. ?

  9. Khiesah Imeccah says:

    Very common issue… I’ve own over 4bottles of Aventus 120ml since 2011 to this day and its always happened.

  10. David Dunmeyer says:

    ive poked a hole in the bubble with a pin and then pushed the air out of aventus labels many times. Use the just the tip lol

  11. Chaz Ferrell says:

    To know it’s legit just make sure it has a batch code on bottom matches box and if you take of sprayer cap should be white

  12. Vincent Strn says:

    Yes it’s normal unfortunately.
    You pay hundreds of dollars and get medium quality.

  13. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    Yes it happens, which is another reason I’m done with creed

  14. Gediminas Kontrimas says:

    For additional $100 no bubbles 🙂

  15. Joshua Thibodeaux says:

    Remember that it’s a sticker. Also remember it’s a differently shaped bottle. Also this sticker isn’t basic like others so it’s probably more difficult to stay stuck. I promise the sticker won’t affect the smell lol jk

  16. Richard Salazar Jr says:

    Love this stuff only have a 50ml decant but it’s amazing, like Joshua Thibodeaux said it’s a hand wrapped sticker which even happens to Aventus bottles you’re good!

  17. Walt Pollock III says:

    It’s normal because their packaging is embarrassing for the amount of money they charge

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