Your favorite Creed fragrances?

Your favorite Creed fragrances?


  1. Bjørge Brathagen says:

    Royal Mayfair

  2. Michael Graves says:

    Silver Mountain Water

  3. Lëah Dolly Davies says:

    I’m a cliche… gotta be Silver Mountain Water.

  4. Yacouba Sylla says:

    Bois du Portugal

  5. Aventus and Virgin Island Water

  6. Péter Plavetz says:

    Aventus,Royal Water

  7. Deric Metzger says:

    Royal mayfair, original santal, himalaya, acier aluminium.

  8. Tom Hines says:

    GIT, Aventus, Imperial.

  9. Irving Navarro says:

    All except Aventus

  10. Jason Coursey says:

    Aventus, SMW and GIT

  11. Ricky Castro says:

    G.I.T. , Aventus and Royal Mayfair

  12. Cornells McEssien says:

    None. I tried so hard to love Aventus, but…

  13. Henry Regans Jr. says:

    Aventus, Green Irish Tweed, Millesime Imperial

  14. Trevis Stamper says:

    Royal oud and S&W

  15. Jason Yeomans says:

    Royal oud
    Spice & Wood

  16. Chaz Ferrell says:

    I have Aventus 10e01 and 16a01 and Viking 17w01 ?

  17. Jose Ochoa says:


  18. Brian Wade says:

    Aventus, GIT, Royal Oud, Himalaya, Erolfa.

  19. Cadiz Coca says:

    Pure white cologne

  20. Dustin Sink says:

    Honestly….I really like Millesime Imperial!

  21. NIyaz Zamanov says:

    Spice and wood

  22. Сима Транингер says:

    Selection Verte and Sublime Vanille

  23. Adriel Medriano says:

    Jardins d’Amalfi

  24. Nelson Murilo says:

    Currently spice&wood

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