Your favorite leather scents?

Your favorite leather scents?


  1. Ahmed Siddiqui says:

    Tuscan Leather and Acqua di Parma leather

  2. Dexter Gonzalez says:

    PDM Godolphin and ADP Colonia Leather

  3. Sammy Soto Jr. says:

    YSL Noble Leather

  4. Michael Graves says:

    Artilier Gold Leather
    Geo Trumper Spanish leather

  5. Oswald Bates says:

    Helmut Lang Cuiron.

  6. James Yang says:

    right now ombre leather

  7. Scott Wilbur says:

    Puredistance M
    Knize ten
    ADP colonia leather

  8. Dexter Gonzalez says:

    DHP & Fahrenheit

  9. Chaz Ferrell says:

    Davidoff Leather Blend.

  10. John W Easttom says:

    Every time you post this, I tell myself to find a sample… and then I forget… until the next time you post lol.

  11. Michelle Lundgren Cyrulik says:


  12. Javiel Vazquez says:

    Dolceand Gabbana Exotic Velvet Leather; Tom Ford TL, Ombré 16 & 18

  13. Indra Savickiene says:

    Ensar Oud Sultan Leather Attar

  14. Ghassan Kanafani says:

    Godolphin / Golden Boy (more berries to my ?)

  15. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Armani Prive Cuir Noir
    Guerlain Cuir Beluga
    Marc-Antoine Barrois B683

  16. Tee Jones says:

    Aqua di Parma colonia leather
    La Yuqawam Homme Rasasi
    junoon leather rasasi

  17. Never heard of Rasasi’s Junoon leather. Looked it up and there’s nothing on fragrantica. Huge fan of rasasi BTW!!

  18. Constantina Bitrou-Warner says:


  19. Ronnie Tufail Jutt says:

    when compared to Tuscan leather how does it smell?

  20. Michael Bombard says:

    Midnight in Paris

  21. Adam Rothschild says:

    I have the Edp

  22. Gio Kiladze says:

    There’s 0 leather in it

  23. James Malawi says:

    Danny Milea Come on, it”s the leather that makes it so beautiful ?

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