Your favorite mainstream Chanel?

Your favorite mainstream Chanel?


  1. Brian Svendborg says:

    Vintage L’Égoïste or even better tje CC. Closely followed by Antaeus. Antaeus fits me like a latex glove. He’s provided me with the most compliments – no competition whatsoever.
    It’s actually easier for me to name the Chanels I don’t like, than the ones I do.
    Only male Chanel I don’t quote ‘feel’ is Allure Homme Sport.

  2. Bryan Lara says:

    Allure homme sport extreme

  3. Darrshan Jvoraa says:

    allure sport egoiste

  4. Ferris Fendi Lewis says:

    Égoïste of course. How can I deny my love of sandalwood and spicy rose!

  5. Joe Anthony says:

    SPORT EXTREME Hands & knees down

  6. Fulgencio Jr Hernandez says:

    Platinum Egoiste.

  7. Derek Fernandes says:

    Allure homme

  8. Keesus Crice says:

    Am I the only one to think Egoiste, Antaeus, and PM aren’t really mainstream? I never see them at really any retail outlets over here, like the mall and things of that nature. Maybe it is just me? Are these widely available else where?

  9. Mohammed Razkey says:

    Allure sport

  10. Alvin Sii Hee Yong says:

    Antaeus Edition blanche

  11. Clayton Wong says:

    Chanel! I dun understand y we need them when we already have Dior.

  12. Alexander Ellis says:

    I prefer Dior due to most of their frags performing better. I have to say though It’s worth having Chanel just for Antaues, Egoiste and Pour Monsieur Concentree

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