YouTube reviewers in such a hurry to review a scent?

Why are YouTube reviewers in such a hurry to review a scent? I know why (views) but I’d love for a channel to get lost cherry from tom ford and make a first impression video right out the gate ( if you want your views) then take your time with it. Wear it out , wear it as a signature for a few weeks. Try it out in the cold and warm climate. Man… since when are we so cookie cutter nowadays. I know I’m venting and it’s not my place to tell other how to do things but I feel like the community needs something new… damn


  1. Harmony Colon says:

    Well said! Not everyone is like you brother! U take your time and we notice that!

  2. Talib Ali says:

    Because they feel compelled to put something out ASAP cuz they got the bottle for free !! So they care less about substance and more about just simply releasing the video ! My humble opinion.

  3. Robert Howard says:

    I agree that giving it a proper wear helps with a more accurate review. I do like the first impressions videos with follow up video on the scent

  4. Jr Pierre says:

    It’s all about the numbers and freebies nowadays

  5. Bob Sacamano says:

    fragrance reviews on youtube are not what they used to be I miss how it was like 5 years ago! Its gotten to commercialized

  6. TJ Bollinger says:

    Best Reviewer in the game.

  7. It’s about the clicks and money now. Jumping on any and all hype trains. Compliments! Compliments! Compliments! Pantydropper?! Its really pathetic.

  8. Salamandar Octopous says:

    Audience and image = narcissism, nothing else.

  9. Jason Yeomans says:

    Get’em Mark !,, I can see a lot of us got ya back !

  10. Kristo Maves says:

    Everyone is in a hurry to do a gushing review so they can be the first and get their name attached to it. Also so they can get the links up to buy it through them while the hype still exists.

  11. Because in today’s world is all about the now. Plus, the older reviewers that started all this have the material already built while the rest are playing catch up.

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