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Zarqa Bibi Lovely post
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  1. Susie Kramer says:

    Makes me happy when I see the picture.

  2. Heather Rodrick says:

    What a lot of work has gone into this display. Gorgeous!!!

  3. Tim Mcdonagh says:

    wow grate display from tim in bonnie dundee scotland uk

  4. Philip Hunt says:

    Absolutely stunning and so colourful too ?

  5. Cora Ocampo says:

    Very nice place with a lovely flower wheres your place

  6. Veronica Apon-Tago says:

    What a lovely scenery you have there. Where can we see this outstanding piece of Art ? People passing by must certainly be attracted to this view. Hopefully, no one will be bumped by bikes, cars, etc. Thank you for sharing this truly magnificent sight. Well done, my friend. Greetings from Auckland, New Zealand! Have a wonderful day to you there!

  7. Anita Encarnacion says:

    A hanging garden to have is liked to a dream come true.

  8. Lyn Beveridge says:

    Where are you? Looks a lot like Switzerland, so beautiful.

  9. Shova Dixit says:

    Amazing! very different way of gardening.Looks beautiful.

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